Does your business already sell and deliver online training?

Who do you sell your products and services to?

What best describes your business?

Where are your customers based?

What’s the main reason you are interested in online learning?

What are your ambitions for online learning?

Do you know what subject or skill will be the focus of your first online learning product?

Can you describe your typical customer and what their challenges are?

Do you know what kind of learning experience and training formats you want your customers to have?

Do you use software to manage your daily business activities? (e.g. a CRM)

How often do you run online marketing campaigns and promotions?

How active is your business on social media?

Do you know how your online learning product will stand out from your competitors?

When was the last time you took any online training?

Do you know what the best platform or technology is to deliver your online training?

Do you have existing training materials you can use to form the basis of your online training?

Do you know what budget you will need to bring your online learning product to life?

How ready is your team and business to market, sell and deliver a new online learning product?

When your IT system or web site has an issue, where do you go for help?

Do you know how you will price your new product?

Your progress: